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Tiktok Marketing

Social media apps are now trending everywhere, and billions of people are using it every day. There are many entertaining social media apps available for you all, and among that, all TikTok is the top app. In the year 2020, it has already clocked over 700 million downloads worldwide. In the first quarter of 2020, India alone has accounted for nearly 315 million downloads.

Due to the huge popularity of the TikTok, now many business houses are eyeing to start ad services in TikTok. If you are interested in it and want the best marketing services, then you can take assistance from our company. We provide all kind of services to our customers who all want to go for TikTok ads promotions.

Tiktok Marketing Services

TikTok Marketing Services

TikTok Profile Creation

When you are thinking to engage the TikTok audience, you need to have a profile in the app. To help you in getting the best profile, our team will be helping you in setting it. We ensure that the creation of the profile is fast and quick and optimize to get reach for your ads.

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Campaign Optimisation

To reach a particular number of audience and increase the reach, the campaign is arranged in the TikTok. To keep an eye on the development and to improve the results of the campaigns, our team keep track of these things. The team of our marketing group look at results and changes the strategies as per that to engage more audience.

Effective Targeting

In TikTok, it comes with many filters for you all. With the help of it, you can easily target your audience among billions of other users who all are there in here. So, to make it easy to target your audience as per your services and products, we can help you out in it quickly.  

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TikTok Influencer Marketing

The most effective way of marketing is by leverage. Our team will help you with it and will connect you with the best TikTok influencers. We have got the best connections, and as per your ICP on TikTok, we will make it possible for you all.

TikTok Content Idea Conceptualisation

To do perfect marketing, you need ideal content for it. So, to make it possible, our team of content creators will help you with it. They come with modern and unique ideas with the help of which you are targeting the customer in the platform. It will help in increasing engagement and traffic as well.

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TikTok Paid Advertising

There are various ways in which you can advertise your services and products. The easiest and excellent way is paid to advertise, and you can do it by going for the paid versions. Our team of experts will help you with it and will make sure that you get the right advertising package to get better results.

Types of TikTok Ads

Single Image Ads:

In image ads, you need to put an image of size less than 500Kb. You can go for a creative image with a brand name or ads. The names in the image must be within 2-20 characters for the brand and app 4-40 characters.

Single Video Ads:

In the video ads format, the resolution must be higher than 720*1280. The video file must be in .mov,.mp4,.3gp, .mpeg and .avi as well. But while making the video always remember that it must be less than 500 MB.

Why Choose TikTok Tto Promote Your Product and Services?

There are a number of benefits associated with getting an Instagram verification blue tick. And of the best benefits are mentioned below:-

  • • Huge Audience: TikTok is having millions of active users who all visit the app each day. We make ads targeting the audience so that your ads can reach to them.
  • • Website Traffic: With the help of our marketing team, we make unique strategies which you can use in the app. It will help in generating the leads and increase the conversion rate as well.
  • • Brand Awareness: As the users are very much high in here, so, brand awareness is high. It is nearly three times higher than any other social media apps.
  • • Trending social media app: In 2020, the download of TikTok is in billions. For that reason, now business houses are getting interested in the app, and they think of investing in the app. The reach in the app is very high for all the business products and services.
  • • Easy to Represent: In the TikTok ads, it is very simple and easy to represent your idea. Our creative team can help you in creating the best ads for your company.
  • • Cost-Effective: The platform is the cost-effective platform, and in less money, you can use it to make things suitable for you all. You need less money to invest and can get huge traffic and leads from here.
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Why choose us?

We are among the renowned Tiktok Marketing Services provider that offers you with the best marketing strategies for your business growth. You could rely on our services as they are cost-effective and fulfills your needs. We include all effective and efficient Tiktok marking tools and strategies that will boost your business to a large extent. We have a team of specialist that works for 24/7 for your help and to provide you with the best tiktok advertising services. We are the best Tiktok Marketing Agency that handles all tiktok marketing services for your business and brand awareness and presence all over the globe. 









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FAQS for Tiktok

What is the role of TikTok marketing agency?

TikTok is one of the most fast-growing social media apps in 2020. The app has got billions of active users who all stays online in the app each day. With such colossal audience support, it is the best platform for any business houses to promote anything in it. There are many influencers as well, and you can take the help of them to promote your services and products in the app. To make it easy for you all, the marketing agency helps you in putting the right strategy in here to get massive traffic from the app for you all.


Is it worth to use TikTok for brand promotion?

TikTok has over a million downloads, and it is increasing each day. The real reason for it is due to the better content and features the app offers to users. As the users are now increasing at a huge level, now all top brands are eyeing the platform for promotions. For them all, it is always the best platform to promote their products and services. As the platform has billions of active users, so it is always a good idea to come and promote things in the TikTok for huge leads.


Can I target people according to my business niche?

Yes, TikTok is a platform which gives the business promoters with the filter options. In such options, a business house can filter the audience as per gender, age, location and many other things. By that way, you can easily target the specific audience and can only generate and sell your services to them. To do that all in a perfect way, you can avail the assistance from the experts of the marketing agency, and they can make it happen effectively. The business houses always get benefits from such customize targets and get a huge profit and traffic as well.