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Instagram Account Verification

In the modern world, the social media platform has become a part of everyone’s life as people are popularly using then in their everyday life. The best thing about social media platforms like Instagram is that it allows the user to share pictures and videos and help connect with numbers of people all over the world.

Instagram is a popular social media application that is used by numbers of people all over the world. There are a number of useful and beneficial features that are available on Instagram, which people love to use. It is the free application that has quickly acquired the market through its best features like comment, share, and bookmark, send private messages to friends, and much more.  

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Why Digitalmise for this service?

Instagram includes Instagram Verified Badge through which people could ensure they are able to find the correct account when they search. The Instagram verified badge is effective marketing strategies that have become popular and critical. You could add value to your business by developing a content process with the help of Instagram marketing strategies that have been developed by social media experts. With Instagram Digitalmise, you will be able to get all the services in digital marketing. 

Nowadays, almost ninety percent of the world population makes internet searches before buying a product. And Instagram is the popular social media platform with eight hundred million users, and getting a blue badge in this platform means that you could quickly grow your brand visibility. Best agency for Instagram Service that could provide you with the perfect way to engage current clients. With the growing internet usage, digitalmise has become popular as it provides a place for every business from small to large scale. 

Benefits of Verification Blue Badge

There are a number of benefits associated with getting an Instagram verification blue tick. And of the best benefits are mentioned below:-

  • • Instagram verification Blue badge is the more prominent social media platform for you as it offers better brand credibility to a more robust social search presence.
  • • The best thing about Instagram verification blue badge is that it allows you to get differentiates from the crowd, which ultimately make it easier for you to reach large numbers of audience or the people that matter you.
  • • The Instagram verification badge also makes you more reliable and trustworthy on the best social media platform and ultimately helps you to boost your business conversion rates.
  • • If you are able to get the Instagram verification blue badge, you also get a chance to take advantage of the Instagram insight where you could schedule your posts, explore relevant hashtags, and share them.
  • • You could also build your focus on some of the parallel platforms.
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We are among the renowned Instagram Marketing Services provider that offers you with the best marketing strategies for your business growth. You could rely on our services as they are cost-effective and fulfills your needs. We include all effective and efficient Instagram marking tools and strategies that will boost your business to a large extent. We have a team of specialist that works for 24/7 for your help and to provide you with the best Instagram advertising services. We are the best Twitter Marketing Agency that handles all twitter marketing services for your business and brand awareness and presence all over the globe. 









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FAQS for Instagram

What does Instagram look for when verifying?

If you want to get verified on Instagram, then there are specific requirements to apply for a verified badge like your account must be authentic, unique, complete, and notable. All these factors determine that your account is in the public interest or not for meeting the verification criteria. Your account must be well-known, public, and highly searched for the brand, person, and entity. The paid and promotion content are not considered as a source for review.


How many followers do you need to be verified on Instagram?

Social Media Verification Service varies from platform to platform like Instagram; your account must be unique, authentic, and complete. On Instagram, there are no certain limits to get verified or to get a blue badge, but if you have 10K followers, your account could be easily verified. You may think that there are only some of the public figures, brands, and celebrities who have received a blue badge on Instagram, but it is not true you may also get verified by fulfilling the requirements. 


Do you get paid for being verified on Instagram?

The social media Verification process is a bit complicated, but once you get verified, you need to keep your account as public and completely filled. Some of the brands pay to the verified account from $5 to $10 per thousand followers. The Instagram influencers who have followers up to millions earn a huge amount according to per post on Instagram. But Instagram does not pay for being verified on Instagram in place of it pays for your per post that they have posted on Instagram, but it must be under public interest.


How long does it take Instagram to verify your account? 

If you want to get verified on Instagram, then you have to request Instagram for the verification of your accounts so that your account could be differentiated from another account that you do not handle. But in case your verification is denied, then you need to wait for thirty days in order to submit your new request for verification. And if your account verification request has been accepted, you will get the blue badge right away.  

What happened If I don’t verify? 

The account verification process of Instagram is quite difficult, but if your account is unique, authentic, and complete, your account can be verified on Instagram. For the verification process, you need to request to Instagram, and then they will check through your and will offer you with the detailed information. And if your account does not verify, then you need to wait for thirty days to again request for verification. 

Is this 100% Confidential & Safe?

Yes, Instagram is a hundred percent confidential and safe as it properly ensures your account security by limiting the access to your photos, videos, stories, and other data. It also helps you to get over the hateful comments on Instagram. And it prevents subscribers from sharing your stories and posts with others on Instagram.