Real State SEO Guide for Beginners

Ultimate Guide for Real Estate SEO Tips for Optimisation

The real estate industry is extremely competitive in terms of finding the right customer whether it is online or offline. Finding a client is always a challenging task for the salesperson, especially in this digital world.

Are you an owner of the Real estate business? If yes, I hope you are aware of this fact: 86% of the home buyers consider real estate websites are the most reliable source of information when buying a property.

In fact, 41% of all home buyers start to search for their home search online.

If you really want to drive the customer from online to sell or increase the visibilities of your properties among many people, your real estate firm needs to popup at the right time to the right customers. Here are few Real Estate SEO tips that will improve your website visibility in the search results and help to the target right audience by getting a higher ranking.

List of SEO Tips for Real Estate

  1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive, secure, and load fast
  2. Optimize the website for right real estate keywords
  3. Focus on local SEO keywords and tactics
  4. Implement the structured data markup
  5. Take advantage of photos and videos
  6. Add blog section on your website and share information on social media
  7. Solve home seeker’s problem above the first fold

1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive, secure, and load fast

Why mobile responsive is necessary? 44% of all home buyers first looked for a property online, and 75% of the buyers conduct the mobile search for buying the property and nobody want to miss this huge audience. Also, Google outrank your website if your website is not mobile-friendly.

So, modern home seekers use the internet to find new houses from mobile devices. It means if you want to capture the home seekers attention your website open seamlessly in desktop and mobile devise as well. So everything like pictures, videos, content and landing pages all need to be optimized according to mobile viewing and make sure your landing page has solved the audience’s problem without taking more steps.

Points to consider while making website mobile friendly

  1. Responsive design
  2. Hosting speed
  3. Page speed
  4. Site navigation
  5. Contact forms
  6. Call to actions

All these points are important to your website rankings and conversions. The visitor expects your website to load in less than 2 seconds otherwise they will hit the back button.

2. Optimize the website for right real estate keywords:

Picking the right keyword for your business is like finding the needle from the sack of grass. If you don’t know the trick, you can’t get it. Don’t lose the hope, if can’t find the right keywords. You can hire the SEO consultant to make this task hassle free for you.

Here is some tip to pick the right keywords for your Real estate business. You must understand the intent of the keywords you are going to pick along with the competition and the search volume of the keyword.

The best place to find the keyword for your business is Google ads: Keyword planner, Ubersuggest, semrush keyword explorer, Ahref keyword or keyword everywhere. Except Google ads other suggest tools are paid.

3. Focus on local SEO keywords and tactics

More than half of your target audience is searching for their new properties and homes online. So, to capitalize this huge audience, you need to work on local SEO tactics for your real estate business. Local SEO for real estate is slightly different from the regular real estate SEO.

Focus on local real estate keywords and search term while creating content

  • [city ]home for sale
  • [city] flat for rent
  • [city] real estate listings
  • Home for sale [near me]
  • Flat for rent [near me]
  • 2bhk flat for sale [near me] and so on…

NAP consistency: Be sure to keep exactly same business’s name, address, and the phone number on all your online channels like your website, social media profile, and Google/Bing business listings.

Local Directory listing: Create or claim all your business listings on local directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpages, etc

Reviews: Customer Reviews are the key element for the local SEO. Try to get more positive reviews on your business listing page and social media channels.

Schema Markups: Implement the Local business schema on your website along with some other useful schemas. It gives search engines clear information of your business.

Localized Content: The more relevant your on-site content the more likely to be appears in top search results pages. Optimize your content by using local keywords, maps and target services.

4. Implement the structured data markup

Structured data markup allows displaying rich snippets of your website in the search results. Being in the real estate business, you have different schemas options for your website.

  • RealEstateAgent
  • Offer
  • Product
  • Place
  • RentAction
  • Residence
  • PostalAddress
  • WebPage
  • Rating schemas
  • openingHours

Choose any of them or all of them totally depend on your need. If you don’t know how to implement these on your website, hire SEO consultant for your business.

5. Take advantage of photos, videos and 3D virtual tour

3D virtual tour: It will help your home buyers to understand your property better, and also a study said “Virtual tour of your property increases the chances to sell to 50% in your target audience”.

Photos, and videos also make your business listing and website more authentic, and high resolutions photos can enhance your property presentation to catch more customers.

6. Add blog section on your website and share information on social media

More of the more important pillar of SEO is content and it’s marketing. So, you need to invest in the content marketing like blogs, photos, inforgraphics, videos, 360-guides and relevant resources. You don’t need content only for your website, but you also need content for the social media channels, paid promotion, and email marketing.

Write blogs or create infographics which helps your audience to solve their problems in home buying process. Also, blogs will helps you increase your indexing time, traffic, domain authority, and natural backlinks.

Some interesting statistics:

  1. Adding blog will increase your chances of ranking by 434% in search engine.
  2. 94% of realtors uses email for client communication.
  3. A good quality content likely to attract more visitors and natural backlinks

7. Solve home seeker’s problem above the first fold

First fold means the portion of your website which user can be without scrolling the webpage. This section will decide the user behavior, should they stay at your website or not. So, first fold content should focus on solving the homebuyer’s pain points with less more of clicks.

Try to showcase your key points and offers in the first fold which completely emphasis on the home buyer’s pain points.

72% of the user decide to stay or not by seeing the first fold impression. If they get their problem’s solutions they will stay otherwise just click the back button.

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Day by day people are getting more dependent on the internet. 90% of the homebuyer’s uses their internet to get a new property. What are you waiting for? Implement the mentioned real estate SEO tips will help you to build a strong online presence among your competitors, and help you to dominate in local search results to get the potentials home seekers leads.

But make sure, some of the SEO strategies require aficionado so it’s better to hire someone rather than shifting your focus on real estate SEO.

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