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IoT Smart Transportation

With minimised operations cost, precise real-time alerts, accurate GPS tracking and increased efficiency have been witnessed by the investors. Innovative technologies like Internet of Things in Transportation Industry has unlocked the sources of automated possibilities that were never thought of few years back. IoT in transportation and Logistics has eradicated many challenges like unavailability of weather forecasts, real-time management of orders, asset performance, driver behaviour etc. and has broaden the scope to make a paradigm shift.

Digital information has become the blood of transportation industry with networks of sensors and other devices connected to each other. Today, most systems work in silos. So does Internet of Things which provides connectivity, analytics, security and other intelligent capabilities that enable smart transportation.

IoT In Transportation and Logistics Industry Features

1. Real-time Location Tracking:

GPS sensors installed inside the fleet “help” the business owners to track the real-time location of the vehicle. With an end-to-end IoT solution, you can use smart sensors to collect real-time data that can be relayed to higher/respective authorities.

2. Predictive analysis:

Sensor analyses the engine loads and total vehicle history. Intelligent insights helps in optimised route planning, reduced traffic congestion, high level of operational efficiency, cargo monitoring and many more. Our strategic approach for predictive analysis adds value to your information value loop, thus giving you chance to grasp more opportunities.

3. Optimum Asset Utilisation:

Our IoT solution is designed to give a veil to your assets such that it gives intelligent insight through powerful analytics. Robust Solution helps businesses improve their operational efficiency of physical assets through advanced analytics. This in turn reduces your operating and maintaining cost while improving production and uptime.

4. Broader Business operations:

The tangible solution provides more effective and higher capabilities to enhance your business. You can offer value added services by offering your customers a customised dashboard which sends real-time alerts. Incremental revenue can be generated by offering multiple benefits to your clients. With end-to-end and wireless connectivity, customers can access information like parking slots, trailer weight measurement, inbound transportation, real-time storage and operations, outbound processing and transportation, fleet idle time and many more features.

4. Increased efficiency and profits:

Intelligent decisions and actions is the key to increased efficiency and profits. Maintenance issues are addressed well-before time and costly breakdowns occur. Drivers and operations personnel can see exactly what is happening on a heavy vehicle based on the data received from IoT sensors through smarter operations, you can reduce penalties, improve service level agreements and thus can make more profits.

Internet of Things Applications in Transportation and Logistics Industry 

1. Smart Warehouse Management:

Implementing this unique solution helps in enhancing profitability and productivity. IoT sensors increase the revenue and reap more business benefits. Our end-to-end platform feature inbound processing and transportation, real-time storage and operations, enhanced inventory management and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time storage and operations
  • Inbound processing and transportation
  • Enhanced inventory management
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Drayage Management System:

Introducing an out of box solution for your major problem. The system is designed to control all the operations in all the areas of concern. Digitization has an important role to play in the drayage management system providing increased efficiency, more transparent operations and secured end-to-end platforms for multi-party collaborations. Our solution system gives a real-time update and data availability to its users that work as an optimized Drayage Management Systems.

From one single dashboard, you can have real-time updates of your fleets, optimized routes and more. This massive amount of information, in seconds at your fingertips, increases the safety of driver, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Real-time arrival and departure records
  • Paperless documents for Bill of Ladings
  • Equipment Visibility
  • Complete Truck and Driver Management
  • Last-Mile Transportation:

Get the best returns on your Last Mile Transportation system by implementing our intelligent solution. Drivers can know the vehicle route very prior. An ideal solution which offers efficient vehicle trip management, smart mobile proof delivery, and real-time tracking- all this in one power packed solution. Real-time tracking with its smart mobile apps and cloud based system. Our solution enables you to reach your customers with efficient Last-Mile Transportation solution.

  • Customised and Interactive dashboard
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Efficient Route Planning
  • 24*7 communication with customers
  • Truck/Trailer Weight Management:

Our smart sensor on the trailer enable a precise weight reading of goods being transported regardless of weight distribution. Our solution allows readings for both truck and for trailer. Whether you are an owner who is looking to maximise payload or you are one who is managing a large fleet and are looking to increase efficiency, profits then this solution can unlock them all.

  • Maximise the payload
  • Plug Profit leaks
  • Avoid costly fines
  • No guesswork
  • Vehicle Tracking and Route Management:

Thinking of going beyond the basic tracking facilities and better customer service?

Then you have landed on the right page. Analyse trends and improve your management system with real-time reports on driver activity, vehicle tracking, goods monitoring and route management.

  • Driver Activity Monitoring
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Route Management
  • Vehicle and Goods Monitoring


With our intelligent solution, businesses can know the real-time activity of their fleets and inventories. Furthermore, businesses can expand our solution for real-time monitoring features. These features save time, money and numerous brainstorming sessions. When this happens, business management gets more time to attend the other challenges that can bring down the business reputation in no time.  

The solution reduced tremendous amount of operational heads and paved the way for higher profits. The benefits of adopting Internet of Things in Transportation industry are such that they hop across the entire industry whether it is tracking vehicle in real-time, measuring the weight of the goods, warehousing operations, inventory management or last-mile delivery.

When all the benefits are combined as one, it is a shining virtue that every business competes for. In case your business too is struggling, then you must not delay in experiencing the tremendous potential of the IoT solutions.

Here are some of the star lined benefits:

  • No lack of communication among executives
  • Prompt information and Decision making
  • Zero involvement of manual work
  • An interactive dashboard to get 24*7 real-time updates

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